Make your holiday a relaxing and joyful time by knowing as much as possible about our vacation home before you arrive.

Check out our Dancing Bear Retreat Quick Manual below so you know what to expect during your vacation. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any special needs or questions about the house. 

Thank you, Linda and Don

Household Matters
Wireless NetworkThere is free WiFi with special boosters - please do not move these or let your children touch them - they are very expensive and you will be charged accordingly.
TelephoneThere is a landline in the house - 970-731-3544, as often the wireless connection in Pagosa is not very good. Free long distance within USA.
Check In
Check Out
Trash & RecyclingPick up for trash is every Thursday - please be sure to use the locks on the dumpster during the summer and warm months - the bears are able to get into the dumpster otherwise and will drag trash all over the property - clean up is costly.

If you want to recycle - you can leave your recyclables in the garage and we will take them in with ours periodically.
Water and SewerWe are on a very sensitive septic system, as is all of the area without sewer - please be careful not to put paper products including wipes into the toilets. This is especially IMPORTANT IN THE BASEMENT as all sewage has to be piped up to upper floors and the equipment cannot handle heavier paper products. There are notes on the toilets but please remind your female guests of this.

While the sewer system is very effective, the toilet will clog up if you flush anything other than toilet paper down the pipes…so please, do not discard any tampons, paper towels or any other foreign matter in the toilet.
LaundryThe house is furnished with ample HE detergent for your stay.. There is also Bounce dryer sheets for you to use as the local water is very hard. The dryer operates more efficiently and dries clothes more quickly if you check and empty the screen before beginning the drying cycle.
Gas GrillThere are extra tanks on the deck. Please leave the empty tank on the front porch so the housekeeper will know to exchange it.

To operate the grill, first rotate the valve on the LP tank clockwise. Please do the reverse after each use. If the ignitor isn't igniting, put a match or gas lighter into the hole on the front...there are long handled matches for this on the grill and in the pantry.

When cooking please keep an eye on the grill and don’t let any unattended kids near it. The exterior cover and body get very hot. 

After you’ve finished, please clean the grill thoroughly: it’s much more difficult to remove the residue if it has been burned on through repeated heating cycles. Thanks.
SafetyFire extinguisher on wall in kitchen, on deck by the grill, and by each fireplace. Do NOT Move them please!

First aid kit in master bedroom kitchenette and extra first aid things in master bath -third drawer in middle (marked).

Flashlights in various rooms, if there's a power outage there are plug in lights in house that will operate without power.
Finally we ask...Put the shades down before you leave, return the phones to their proper places (finding them is often a problem), start the dishwasher and leave with a smile on your face and please come again...