Wildlife viewing

wading deer_Wildlife_Pagosa Springs

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, the fall/winter season is the best time to catch sight of the myriad of wildlife species here in Pagosa Springs. 

In the spring the deer and elk are migrating through the area from their winter grazing area up into the high country for the summer.  There are always a large number of deer in the Pagosa area all summer and it’s would be unusual to not see deer each day.

If you’re hiking during the summer months, you will probably be lucky enough to view the wildlife in their natural habitat, as they relax more out of hunting season. It helps if you make minimal noise during your hike. Don’t be jumpy, or stop suddenly to grab your camera. If you see or feel the wildlife around you, slow down, walking fluidly, turning casually to see if you can make out what species has their watchful eyes on you. Hopefully it won’t be a bear or coyote!

If you do come face-to-face with a bear, there are some great tips here on how to react when confronted with a bear.

If you want guaranteed sightings of wildlife during your stay, we recommend a trip to the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park. Here you can enjoy seeing a variety of wildlife species in surroundings very similar to their natural environment.